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In Australia, the role of women has changed enormously over the last fifty years.

The Boston Consulting Group reported that between 1980 and 2008 the number of women in the workforce doubled to 1.2 billion or 40% of the global labour force.1

As more women have joined the workforce, we have also seen more women graduating from college and more women moving into senior business roles. There has also been a growing trend towards female-owned businesses, which helped make home-based businesses the fastest-growing small business sector in the country1.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been good news. While two out of every five affluent women reports earning the same or more than their spouse, studies show women still lack a great deal of confidence when it comes to investing, with 40% of affluent women saying that they are “not at all” confident in their ability to invest1.

Here at Freya Financial, we believe strongly in, where possible, implementing strategies early on to bridge the gap these issues can create. We understand, however, that life often doesn’t go to plan and where early planning is not possible the most important thing is to do “something”. We take the time to understand our clients spending habits and how this affects their cashflow. This is a fundamental part of our process and sets the foundation for personal strategies to be put in place to help build wealth and independence for the future.

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1. World Bank Report 2011.