Our Services

We understand that seeking financial advice can be a very personal experience.

You must be able to place your trust in the firm, and the adviser, you deal with – so naturally you want to make sure you are comfortable with our process. Freya Financial has been established to cater specifically to the needs of women and offers dedicated financial planning services as part of Rowland Financial Advisory. Your adviser and Rowland Financial Advisory are ultimately responsible for the personal advice we provide – and it is with great pride that we offer these services to you.

Our Scope of Services

At Freya Financial, we are committed to helping you no matter what your current financial situation – so we have developed three distinct service offerings:

Freya Financial Wellbeing is a full suite of services designed to fully comprehend where you are – and where you want to go. While our Transactional Advice and Wealth Tracker services are designed to help you get your finances in order or tackle a single strategy prior to addressing a full financial plan.